Local Attractions

Minh Dam Tour

With a focus on providing a personalized blend of excitement and relaxation, The Grand Ho Tram Resort & Casino now offers the great Minh Dam Tour for guests to experience some of the fantastic attractions that surround the resort.

Binh Chau Hot Springs

Covering an area of over thousands of square feet and featuring an array activities, from crocodile angling to mud baths, Binh Chau is much more than just a spa getaway. It is also equipped with tennis courts, a water park and a natural, very warm 260°C (78° F) spring.

Vung Tau Coastal City

Vung Tau (Vũng Tàu) is a city in Southern Vietnam. It is 45 km (about 28 miles) from The Grand Ho Tram Resort & Casino, and is a popular destination for weekend trips from The Grand Ho Tram Resort & Casino.