Ho Tram, Vietnam, 22 July 2017: The Grand Ho Tram Strip today officially unveiled its new, Las Vegas-inspired fountain show, set to dazzle guests from near and far as it dances to the hits of the day.

Launching nightly from 6pm to 9pm, the “Fountains of Ho Tram” are able to project water over 25 meters into the air from its 120 jets, synchronized with a full spectrum LGP LED light show.

Pre-loaded with the latest playlists, the fountain area will also regularly be used as a stage for live performances for famous singers, whose shows will light up as they perform before a six-storey water spectacular. The grand opening featured live performances from charttopping pop star Son Tung M-TP and the original Vietnam Idol Phuong Vy.

The two superstars, flanked by a symphony of dancing lights and bouncing aqua, had their performances paired with an unforgettable dinner from The Grand’s recently renovated Khói BBQ restaurant.

“The “Fountains of Ho Tram” is the latest investment The Grand has made into entertaining our guests,” said Mr. Michael Kelly, Executive Chairman of The Grand Ho Tram Strip. “The Fountains of Ho Tram have come during a time of incredible growth for The Grand and will be a sight to be enjoyed by all.”

The 541-room Grand, which is owned and operated by the Ho Tram Project Company (a wholly owned subsidiary of Asian Coast Development Ltd), is the first phase of the Ho Tram Strip, Vietnam’s leading tourism and entertainment destination. In the midst of a flurry of announcements at present, the Strip’s second hotel – The Beach Club – is presently on level 15 and set to top out in around 60 days, ahead of a 2018 opening. The new resort will add 559 rooms to the site. The next phase of the project’s development, the condotel and villa development Kahuna, was announced a little over a month ago, and was followed promptly by yet another investment by the company into its own power station.

The Grand Ho Tram Strip, which has entertainment at its core, also houses Vietnam’s first international standard casino, which previously hosted the table gaming pilot program for international guests, and recently became the first applicant to host local Vietnamese players, following the March 2017 announcement that local gaming would become legal in future.

“It’s an incredible time to be a part of the Ho Tram Strip,” said Mr. Kelly. “We have over US$1.1 billion in deployed capital here, and every day brings a new wave of excitement. We cannot wait to showcase the Fountains of Ho Tram to our guests from around the world.”

The Grand Ho Tram Strip.