Vung Tau Coastal City

Worldwide Arms Museum

  • 98 Tran Hung Dao street, Ward 1, Vung Tau city
  • Contact: +84 254 3818 369
  • Opening hour: 08:00 – 17:00

It took owner, Robert Taylor 7 years to earn the necessary licensing to import ancient weapons for this stunning museum standing just below the lighthouse. Taylor has been collecting weapons since his teens and has been going strong for half a century. The 3-story 1500 square metre museum houses over 2500 guns, swords and authentic military apparel dating back to the 1400’s. Do not be discouraged by the unpaved road on the way up, this newly erected gem is a real sight.

Old Light House

  • Small Mountain, Vung Tau
  • Operation: All day

The 18m-high Old Lighthouse, has been the trusted guide of those working one of Vung Tau’s oldest trades, the town’s valued fishermen. It was first erected in 1907 along with four French cannons and later rebuilt in 1911 after it caught fire. The light projects an impressive 64km beam and boasts one of the best 360-panoramas of the city you can find.

Jesus Christ Statue

  • On top of small mount, Ha Long Street, Vung Tau

Take the 847-step plight up and meet the 32 meter-tall (105 feet) statue of Jesus. Considered one of the tallest statues of Christ in Asia, its outstretched arms span a little over 18.4 meters. Originally started in 1972, construction was only completed in 1993. The more adventurous are welcome to climb to the top of Jesus’ arms and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of Vung Tau city. Be aware that the stairs are made for small-sized feet.

Bach Dinh – White Palace

  • 10 Tran Phu St., Vung Tau

Originally a summer palace for the French conquerors, the White Palace has seen its fair share of history, from later Vietnamese leaders occupying the space to exiled Thai leaders being placed under house arrest. Outside, a long row of cannons emphasises the sweeping view of the bay and its strategically important placement.

Ho May Park – Cable Car

  • Tran Phu street, Ward 1, Vung tau
  • Contact: +84 254 3856 078
  • Operation: 09:00 – 23:00

From the beginning – 1 cable car station, when sitting in the cabin, guests can have panoramic views of Front Beach, Vung Tau with White Palace between the green of forest as refugee price of porcelain.

Less than 10 minutes, the visitors go to the station at an altitude of 2,210m compared to sea level. For guests’ visiting and participating on entertained activities at the resort, tourism management has operated tram system and specialized train for moving up and down the mountain.

In Ho May resort, there are several things to have fun and relax such as visiting the gardens, the ostrich and also the equestrian walk around the resort. The most impressive the visitors is the slide game (sitting inside the car on the chute – railway tracks, visitors release the hand brake to move). The car move in circle following the railway tracks and make the players feel like the car is falling out of the railways. This is an exciting game for adventurers who want to challenge themselves.

The other different feature of Ho May Park (Big Mountain) is that the visitors can rent Caribbean tent under the Pine forest for resting after a walk. In the evening, visitors can also rent a Caribbean tent for family of 04 persons to stay overnight to stay closer so the nature. Visitors can enjoy the cold mist with the starry night view in the quiet place far away from the city.

Shopping Street

  • Ba Cu Street, Vung Tau City

Vung Tau Night Market

  • Behind Imperial Hotel, Nguyen Bieu Street, Ward Thang Tam, Vung Tau
  • Operation: 18:30 – 00:00

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